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The Calò Geminale Office comes from the wish of offering high-professional legal and business assistance, paying always a specific attention to every requests of the clients.

The purpose is to provide to the Client a complete and coordinate consultation, using exhaustive and professional performances. The pursuit of the Office is characterised from a specialised approach to the various arguments. The professionals, who deal with each argument, gained a significant experience in the concerning sector, providing prompt and appropriate solutions.

A stable support to the client is not able to leave out of consideration from a modern resolution approach for the various requests that the office receives, promoting in this way the best legal and business protection, depending on purposes and needs of the client.


Competitive tenders’ management

The Office assists the firms in case of bankruptcy and in managing its procedures,

Commercial company law and firm contracts

The Office’s Professionals gained remarkable experience in assisting small, medium and large firms,..

Banking law

The Office’s Professionals developed skills concerning banking law, assisting the Client in the judicial context,..

Family law

The Office deals with family law, providing specialised support to the spouses both in managing the crisis and in protecting the children.

Assets’ protection

Trust, use of trust companies, constitution of assets’ funds, testamentary trust, familiar holding and foundations, ..

Damage claims

The Office assists its clients in paperwork concerning road circulation’s or civil responsibility’s damage claims.


Business crisis management

Analysis and management of business crisis situations for the restructuration and consolidation or to identify the best liquidation strategy (also, if necessary, supporting the business in the bankruptcy procedure);

Societal operations of extraordinary nature

Purchase and sell of participations;

Business’ evaluations and assets

Business evaluations and societal participations;

Management control and financial planning

Strategic control: assistance to the firm in planning the control system for the analysis of its competitive position with relative budget analysis, performance indicators and balanced scorecard;

Legal Area


Alessandro Calò

Lawyer Founder

Graduated in Law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza” with the dissertation in “Assets intended for a specific deal and Trust” followed by the degree advisor Professor Augusto Fantozzi, he is member of the Bar Association of Matera.


Luca Calò


Graduated at the University of Perugia in Tax Law, he is member of the Milan Bar Association. He was also assistant of the Professor Francesco Vassalli in bankruptcy law at the University of Rome “La Sapienza”.


Giusy Vetromile


Graduated in Civil Trial Law at the University of Bologna, she is member of the Bar Association of Lecce.

Federica Vergara


Graduated in International Law at the University of Bari

D’Asia Rosaria

Legal area secretary provides administrative and organizational support to the legal team…

Commercial Area

Maria Geminale

Turnaround Manager Founder

Graduated in Business Economy at “Università degli Studi di Bari Aldo Moro”, after discussing a thesis entitled: “Introduction of managerial control in a group operating in the services sector” (Supervisor Prof. Antonio Nisio), specialized in Project Management and Financial Modelling.

Michele Santoro

Financial Advisor

He graduated in Programming, Planning and Control for credit companies at the Faculty of Economics and Business at the University of Bari.

Annarita Petracca

Labour Consultant

She is specialised in employment law consultation for different commodity sectors.

Teresa Pinto

Executive Assistant

Executive Assistant of the economic area, she helps the Advisors for the daily management of the various activities, through the organisation and the execution of the tasks.


The development of the professional activities and the greater needs of specific competences in the different professional areas, require a continuous integration of particularly brilliant applicants who desire to growth professionally within a dynamic and excellent organisation.

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