Dott.ssa Maria Geminale Turnaround Manager ( Founder )

Tel: +39 080 314 28 91

Graduated in corporate planning and control at the faculty of Business Economics at the University of Bari, she is specialised in project management and financial modelling.

Founder of the office, she gained experience in data flow mapping aimed to the development of evaluative instruments for analysing the performance of companies. She is specialist in managerial consultation, in management for the redaction of strategic business plan and in actualisation of management control, in order to achieve development strategies and to start ordinary and extraordinary procedures.

She developed specific competences in bankruptcy proceedings and that related to composition with creditors, in redaction of the agreement plan and the contest for the admission, until the post- approval sentence of the plan implementation.

She is expert at recovery business plan processing, negotiation of debts with the main creditors, redaction of recovery certificate plans, ex art. 67, co. 3, lett. d, L.F. and agreements ex art. 182-bis L.F.

She holds the position of Turnaround Temporary Manager in restoration projects for the economic stability of companies, in order to guarantee continuity and making its managerial competences increase.

She is member of the Board of Direction of many different limited companies.